The selection process of investigators evaluates aspects that can influence the success or failure of a clinical study, such as: having access to necessary infrastructures to perform the study, experience of the principal investigator in clinical trials, sufficient number of patients treated in the site with the concerned pathology and study criteria.

Each medical service has its specific contact to support pharmaceutical companies and contract research companies (CROs) in this process.

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Maria del  Carmen García Serrano
Maria del Carmen García Serrano

List of medical services contacts

Service Contact person Role E-mail
Allergology Carmen Moreno Head of Service alergologia@imibic.org
Anesthesiology Mª Carmen García Clinical Research Support Person uicec@imibic.org
Digestive System – Liver Diseases Clara Isabel Linares Luna Study Coordinator cisabel.linares@imibic.org
Digestive System - Inflammatory Diseases Eva Iglesias Head of Clinical Research digestivo.inflamatoria@imibic.org
Cardiology Manuel Pan Head of Service cardiologia@imibic.org
Intensive Care Unit Francisco Javier Montero Pérez Head of Clinical Research franciscoj.montero.sspa@juntadeandalucia.es
Dermatology María López Study Coordinator dermage03clinicaltrials@imibic.org
Endocrinology Mª Ángeles Galvez Head of Service mariaa.galvez.sspa@juntadeandalucia.es
Hematology Inmaculada Concepción Herrera Head of Service inmaculada.herrera.sspa@juntadeandalucia.es
Immunology Carmen Moreno Head of Service alergologia@imibic.org
Internal Medicine Francisco Fuentes Jimenez Head of Clinical Research francisco.fuentes@imibic.org
Nephrology Mª Sagrario Soriano Cabrera Head of Service marias.soriano.sspa@juntadeandalucia.es
Pulmonology Francisco Santos Head of Service francisco.santos@imibic.org
Neurology Eduardo Aguera Head of Clinical Research neurologia@imibic.org
Ophthalmology Encarnación Ibarra de la Rosa
Lorena Pérez
Head of Service
Study Coordinator
Oncology Enrique Aranda Head of Service enrique.aranda@imibic.org
Pediatrics Maria Jose de la Torre Head of Service pediatria@imibic.org
Rheumatology Pilar Font Head of Clinical Research pilar.font@imibic.org
Mental Health Carmen Prada Head of Service carmen.prada.sspa@juntadeandalucia.es
Infectious Diseases Unit Julián de la Torre
Antonio Rivero
Head of Service
Head of Clinical Research
Urology Francisco Anglada Head of Service urologia@imibic.org