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Master’s Degree in Translational Biomedical Research

The main objective of biomedical and health research is to generate new knowledge that preserves the health and wellbeing of the citizens, as well as new knowledge that contributes to a better preventive, diagnostic, curative, rehabilitative, and palliative care of patients. More specifically, modern biomedical research aims to quickly transfer the discoveries made by fundamental research that studies the origin of the diseases, from the laboratories to the clinical practice and to the benefit of the patients. This translation from the bench to the bedside poses the principal challenge to biomedical and health research today.

To reach this objective it is important to count with health researches who are adequately trained in both basic and clinical as well as in translational research aspects of human pathological processes. Therefore, offering comprehensive training to future health researchers that constitudes a new emerging profession in the National Health System and in the Science and Technology System, is also the main objective of the Master's degree.

Director of the Master's Degree and Contact details

Raúl Luque Huertas
Raúl Luque Huertas

Director of the Master

Antonio Jesús Martínez Fuentes
Antonio Jesús Martínez Fuentes

Co-Director of the Master

For any questions about the administrative issues concerning the Master's degree please contact us by email at: postgrado3@uco.esor our office at Institute de Estudios de Postgrado (idEP), Avd Medina Azahara 5, between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

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