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RRI Award

In 2020 the IMIBIC has been awarded one of the three Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Awards in health, organized by the ISCIII and promoted within the framework of the European project ORION (Open Responsible research and Innovation to further Outstanding kNowledge). Between more than 50 candidacies, three proposals from three different Health Research Institutes (IIS) have been awarded in this first edition of the Awards, which have been aimed at recognizing the work of the IIS, biomedical research centers of excellence established in hospitals of the National Health System to which universities, other research organizations and companies are associated, and whose objective is to generate and develop translational and multidisciplinary knowledge to respond to the health needs of citizens.

The contest included six modalities of participation (ethics, governance, gender equality, open access, public commitment and health education), in in line with the six objectives of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), a concept that seeks to promote the active participation of society in science and innovation from the earliest stages of research projects to try to ensure that future results are as closely aligned possible with social needs.

The initiative "What really matters" proposed by IMIBIC represents an innovative approach in the area of ​​science education. Count with one approach focused on the inclusion of the different agents involved, focusing on generating interest in science among the population youth, a key group to promote scientific culture. The project implements the principles of Open Science and Research and Innovation Responsible (RRI). The chosen activities contemplate alternative perspectives with practical utility and transformative capacity, with relevance to the sustainability in its application, possibility of replication and development in a long time horizon.

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