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IMIBIC is member of IMIBIC

Research, Development and Innovation Policy

At IMIBIC, innovation means introducing new products, services or organisational processes in the system that permit the effective application of research results and translate them into real benefits for the health of citizens.

Our R&D&I Policy is built on the strategic pillars of multidisciplinary collaboration and precision medicine as the foundation of a translational Institute with a national and international scope.

The IMIBIC’s R&D&I Policy is based on a global and cross-cutting approach to ensure only the highest standards of quality. To achieve this aim, we have a R&D&I management system that complies with UNE Standard 166002:2020.

Research, Development and Innovation Strategy

  • For IMIBIC, innovation means the introduction of a new product, service, or organisational process in the system, thus ensuring the effective application of research results for the benefit of citizens.
  • IMIBIC prioritises incremental as well as disruptive innovations that imply an improvement in clinical practice, quality of life of patients or society in general.
  • IMIBIC promotes innovative precision medicine as a key differentiating strategy.
  • It is IMIBIC’s priority to establish open innovation strategies that enable communication and collaboration with companies and local stakeholders to develop new products and innovative technologies.

Team Members

Luis María Fernández Formoso
Luis María Fernández Formoso

Project Manager

Antonio Ortega Llamas
Antonio Ortega Llamas