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Central Support Units for Biomedical Research

IMIBIC Research Support Services

The Research Support Services (RSS) comprise the IMIBIC’s shared scientific services, infrastructures and common scientific equipment of IMIBIC that provide technical support and methodological advice to the Institute's research staff as well as to external research staff who request it.

The operation and development of RSS are managed by IMIBIC's Deputy Director and IMIBIC's General Manager, which are advised by the Infrastructures Committee. Its different units are staffed by Technical Specialists with extensive experience in the application of the latest techniques demanded by its users, in the development of new workflows adapted to their needs and in personalized advice.

These RSS have been developed internally, with external support from equivalent structures in IMIBIC's participating institutions, with which alliances have been created with a view to generating synergies. This section includes two associated services of the University of Cordoba: the Research Support Service (SCAI) and the Experimental Animal Service (SAEX).

IMIBIC is adhered to the Transparency Agreement on the Use of Animals in Scientific Experimentation in Spain, promoted by the Confederation of Spanish Scientific Societies (COSCE), with the collaboration of the European Association for Animal Research (EARA).