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Clinical Research Unit


The Clinical Research Unit is one of the IMIBIC’s Research Support Units. Its main objective is to promote high-quality clinical research, while guaranteeing at all times the safety of the participants, the reliability of the results obtained and the transparency of the procedures.

The multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive management of clinical studies (scientific, technical, regulatory and methodological advice, pharmacovigilance, monitoring, statistics, drug management and data management). The Unit has two adapted facilities that are fully equipped with cutting-edge technology exclusively used for clinical research and adapted to perform phase I-IV clinical trials in patients.

Organisation Structure

The two main areas of the Clinical Research Unit are:

  • Clinical Research Management: Its mission is to provide support and advice to researchers at IMIBIC on ethical, methodological, regulatory and management issues regarding the design and development of clinical studies. It offers specialised expertise that ensures clinical studies are carried out in accordance with ethical standards, established methodologies and applicable regulations. The Clinical Research Management Unit is member of the Spanish Clinical Research Network of the National Institute of Health Carlos III.
  • Clinical Study Facilities: The clinical study facilities are dedicated exclusively to clinical research and provide researchers with the necessary resources, both material and human, for the proper execution of clinical trials and other clinical research projects. The facilities include medical consultation rooms, outpatient care stations, laboratories, medical equipment, and specialised nursing services.

Organisation Chart


Team Members

José Carlos Garrido Gracia
José Carlos Garrido Gracia