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Animal Experimentation


The IMIBIC Animal Experimentation facilities are part of the SAEX of the University of Cordoba. The aim of this service is to provide the biomedical community, other public research centers and private companies with the animals, facilities, equipment, materials and specialized personnel necessary to carry out research projects and/or teaching tasks that require the use of animal models.

This IMIBIC service is intended for breeding, stabling and the use of laboratory animals (rats and mice), as well as for pig experimentation. Its facilities and personnel comply with current Spanish and European legislation (Directive 2010/63/EU, European Commission Recommendation 2007/526/EC, Spanish Royal Decree 53/2013 and Order ECC/566/2015 of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness).

The animal experimentation unit of IMIBIC, coordinated by the Animal Experimentation Service of the University of Córdoba, opened its facilities in 2017.


Ana Mª Molina López
Ana Mª Molina López

Director of SAEX

Anabel Pozo Salas
Anabel Pozo Salas
Estefanía Escudero Jabonero
Estefanía Escudero Jabonero

Equipment and Facilities (Last update: 2019)

  • 7 rooms for housing rodents.
  • 1 healing / metabolism room: This room has a respirometry system, two racks for metabolic cages, optogenetics and quantitative analysis equipment as well as a bodily composition MRI.
  • 4 multi-purpose rooms for experimental procedures with animals; two rooms for use in rat and two for use in mice. The rooms are equipped with a replacement cabinet, 2 gas extraction cabinets, analytical scales, combi refrigerators and other basic laboratory material.
  • 1 multi-purpose room: this room has a PET-RMN and micro CT equipment.
  • Operating Room: Suitable for surgery in both rodents and larger animals (rodents and pigs), equipped with3 3D laparoscopy towers, 7 TV video monitors, 3 anesthesia machines for large animals, 6 surgery tables, 2 rodent anesthesia system with 4 seats, 1 rodent anesthesia system with 2 seats, 6 gas towers, 1 surgical microscope for large animals, 1 high-end ultrasound, 3 magnifiers, 1 microscope, 1 C-arm and a surgical robot.
  • Quarantine Zone: 5 ventilated racks for rats / mice, 1 replacement cabinet and 1 triple gate SAS.
  • 1 large animal (pig) room: 6 transport cages and 1 isolation cage.