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Anũla for Imibic

ANŪLA is a clothing company based in Cordoba. Its main values are sustainability, fair trade, “slow fashion”, and ethics.

The “ANŪLA for IMIBIC” campaign aims to give recognition to the sustainable research projects carried out at IMIBIC, the Reina Sofia University Hospital, and the University of Cordoba.

Ecological T-shirt

The t-shirt has been designed by Añula with the motto “True health, true future” and promoted in social media via the hashtag #Researchlovessustainability. The shirt is made of 100% organic and ecological cotton and the packaging of recycled material. The package is also recyclable.

One third of the sales profit will go to support the project called “Education in Sustainable Food and Healthy". The project aims to promote healthy lifestyle among vulnerable populations. Adopting balanced and sustainable diet in large populations could contribute to more sustainable food production and thus decrease the speed of global warming. The project will focus on families who are at risk of food insecurity. It will engage the families in activities that aim to improve their knowledge about food and cardiovascular health, and as a consequence, help them to adopt healthy lifestyle.

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