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Continuous Training / Workshops and Events

Young Investigators Meeting

The Young Investigators Meeting is organized every year. Its goal is to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences of determined areas of research between the young researchers of IMIBIC, boost translational research, support high-quality training, and foster the relationship between the different research groups of IMIBIC.

The event lasts for two and consists of oral and poster presentations, and of an invited lecture by an internationally renowned researcher.

The Young Investigator Meeting is organized entirely in English and attracts approximately 200 participants each year. About half of the participants give either an oral or poster presentation presenting their current research activities and exchanging ideas about the development of preventive and therapeutic strategies against different diseases.

Maimonides Memorial Lecture

The Maimonides Memorial Lecture and Awards - event is organized every year around the date of the anniversary of the death of the XII century illustrious cordovan doctor and philosopher Moses ben Maimon, commonly known as Maimonides.

The Memorial Lecture seeks to recognize the biomedical research carried out by the researchers and the importance of the work of institute as a whole. Each year, a professional of recognized international prestige in the field of biomedicine gives the “Maimonides Lecture” with the aim to transmit the latest scientific advances in his/her specific. Several awards are given before the closing of the event


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