Strategic Plan

IMIBIC’s Strategic Plan for 2016-2020 was approved in March 2016. It is a result of efforts of a wide range of professionals of the Institute as well as its patron organisations.

The Strategic Plan 2016-2020 sets the general strategies and objectives of IMIBIC along with action plans, including timeline and corresponding budget.

The design of the Strategic plan 2016-2020 started by conducting a Porter's five forces analysis of the situation of biomedical research sector. Within the different elements of analysis (industry, suppliers, new entrants, buyers, substitutes), IMIBIC stands out thanks to its strong position among the other accredited health research institutes. The analysis also reaffirms the tendency of the private sector to increase its share in funding biomedical research over the public sector.

Another key element in the design of the Plans was to analyse the resources and capacities of IMIBIC and to formulate a strategy based on competitive advantage and long term sustainability. IMIBIC’s strategy to differentiate from other centers focuses on the specialization in personalised and precision medicine and in innovation based on Big Data solutions.

The Plan is structured in five main strategic lines and three transversal areas, as detailed below:

Strategic Lines

Action Plans

  • Cooperative Scientific Plan
  • Scientific Plan
  • Plan for Infrastructures
  • Clinical Research Plan
  • Plan de Integración
  • Talent Recruitment and Professional Development Plan
  • Plan for Emerging Research Groups
  • Training Plan
  • Communication and Corporative Social Responsibility Plan
  • Internationalisation Plan
  • Plan for Translational Research and Innovation
  • Quality Plan

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