Strategic Plan

The new Strategic Plan of the Institute for the five-year period from 2021 to 2025 was approved on March 3rd, 2021.

The methodology used to develop the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan included the following steps:

  • Closing of the activities of the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan including and analysis of the overall compliance of the previous Strategic Plan and its sub-plans.
  • Internal and external analysis: an in-depth reflection resulting in a SWOT matrix on the conclusions drawn from the previous Strategic Plan.
  • Integration: sharing of the analysis and its results with different committees and working groups composed of researches and management staff, to determine the strategic axes and fundamental objetives ot the institution.
  • Development of the Strategic Plan: agreement over the mission, vision and values of the institute, and sharing them among the different working groups as well as the main advisory bodies of the Institute (Internal Scientific Committe and External Scientific Committee), to guide the development of the Plan.
  • Monitoring of the Plan: Creation of a Balanced Scorecard with indicators for monitoring the Strategic Plan, the sub-plans and the action plans that will enable them to be successfully achieved. In addition, contingency plans have been drawn up to deal with any possible deviations that may arise.

Strategic axes

IMIBIC Strategic Plan 2021-2025 has five strategic lines and seven main objetives and includes 12 subplans.

All these five strategic lneas pivot around the concept of quality and sustainability.

Strategic objectives

  • Favour patient-centred research and innovation.
  • Increase the impact and quality of our scientific production, by active and open communication about our research and its results to both scientific audience and citizens.
  • Increase the level of internationalization by attracting talent from abroad and improving success in obtaining international funding.
  • Integrate the concepts of equal rights, sustainability and quality in all research and management activities.
  • Boost the consolidation of research and innovation careers in both basic and clinical research as a way to attract and maintain talent, improve professional career development, and facilitate generational change.
  • Favour clinical research as a fundamental element in the promotion of health and as a motor of growth of research and innovation in the health care centers linked to IMIBIC (hospitals and primary care centers).
  • Establish collaborations with different stakeholders tha promote innovation and technology transfer in precision medicine.
Resumen Ejecutivo Plan Estrategico

Action Plans

  • Cooperative Scientific Plan
  • Scientific Plan
  • Plan for Infrastructures
  • Clinical Research Plan
  • Integration Plan
  • Talent Attraction and Professional Development Plan
  • Guardianship Plan for Emerging Groups
  • Training Plan
  • Communication Plan and RRI
  • Internationalisation Plan
  • Innovation and Translation Plan
  • Quality Plan
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