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GA14 Immunogenomics and molecular pathogenesis

Pathogens interact with host in complex and intricate ways. Understanding how pathogens interact with the host can provide valuable information on how the pathogen replicates, and teach us how the host responds to infections, ultimately leading to the development of better vaccines, drugs and treatment regimes. Systematic high throughput multi-omics profiling are powerful approaches that allow us to examine the role of host genes during infection. In addition, our group uses cutting-edge high throughput approaches including small interfering RNA (siRNA), CRISPR/Cas9 and microRNA target identification to discover and characterize novel host-pathogen interactions. The lab works on human clinical diseases such as COVID-19, diseases important to livestock, and pathogens that span both human and livestock, such as influenza virus, Salmonella and Campylobacter.

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Ángeles Jiménez Marín
María Montoya González
Ángela Moreno López
Luis Morera Sanz
Sara Zaldívar López

Predoctoral researchers

Carmen Entrenas García
Sergio Martínez Ruiz
Juan Manuel Ortíz Sanjuan

Lab Technician

María Reyes Álvarez Muñoz


Prof. Juan José Garrido Pavón

Principal Investigator