Research groups

GC20 Genetics and behavioural diseases

The group GC20 is a consolidated research group composed of over twenty researchers on genetics and behavioural diseases both from the clinical applied field and from the academic and basic research. Our research group is interprofessional and it gathers specialist from areas such as genetics, early attention, clinical and health Psychology, Artificial Intelligence and physiotherapy. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the group, members are divided into several research lines, mainly:

  • Genetics and explanatory models for autism following model organisms based on the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.
  • Early detection of developmental disorders and other issues of human behaviour, as well as the development of a procedure to teach verbal and cognoscitive behaviours on children with developmental disabilities.
  • Clinical and health psychology, and the assessment of EST (Empirically Supported Treatments) for anxiety and depression on Primary Care services.
  • Psycho-oncology applied to cancer survivors and their families.
  • Artificial Intelligence applied to the evaluation of developmental disorders from a physiotherapeutic and psychological perspective.

Our research has potential impact on several health areas. Research on genetics implies generating more knowledge regarding pathologies such as autism and its genetic base. Concerning early attention, our studies may improve some of the current assessment methods through the development of IT systems for the analysis of children's development. These advances may be applied in paediatric services and in the context of child clinical Psychology as well as to improve learning procedures. Our team also endeavours to early detection of developmental disorders and neuropsychological alterations in children affected with cerebellar tumours and ataxias (cerebellum pathologies). Our studies on psychological treatments for anxiety and depression may increase actual knowledge of effective treatments, which may lead to reducing the costs associated with the treatment of depression and anxiety. In this context, we have conducted a clinical essay to demonstrate that brief therapy is a better and more efficient strategy in comparison to pharmacological treatment for anxiety and depression. To conclude, in the oncology area our research focuses on improving the psychological health of cancer patients and their families.

Research Lines


    Network of Interdisciplinary Research for the diagnosis and promotion of youth issues, emotions and psychological well-being (MINEICO PSI2015-70943-REDT)


  • behaviour genetics
  • autism spectrum disorder
  • C. elegans
  • oncology
  • clinical psychology
  • psycho-oncology
  • psychological treatment
  • primary care
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • based-evidence psychology
  • early attention
  • developmental disorders
  • neuropsychological alterations
  • rare diseases
  • developmental disability
  • verbal behaviour
  • cognoscitive behaviour

Additional Information

Highlighted publications

  • Rodriguez-Ramos, A., Gamez, M.M., Porta, M., Ceron, J., Ruiz-Rubio, M. (2017). Impaired dopamine-dependent locomotory Behavior of C-elegans neuroligin mutants depends on the catechol-O-methyltransferase COMT-4. Behavior Genetics, 47, 596-608.
  • Moriana, J. A., Gálvez Lara, M. & Corpas, J. (2017). Psychological treatments for mental disorders in adults: A review of the evidence of leading international organizations. Clinical Psychology Review, 54, 29 – 43.  JCR, IF: 8.897. Q1 (2/121).
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  • Moriana, J. A. y Moreno-Osella, E. (2016). User involvement in the implementation of clinical guidelines for common mental health disorders: a review and compilation of strategies and resources. Health Research Policy and Systems, 14 – 61, 0 – 8. JCR, IF: 2.271. Q2 (20/77)
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  • Langer, A.I., Stanghellini, G., Cangas, A.J., Luysaker, P., Nieto, L., Moriana, J.A., Barrigón, M. y Abrosini, A. (2015). Interpretation emotional reactions and daily life implications of hallucination-like experiences in clinical and nonclinical populations. Psicothema, 27 – 1, 19 – 25. JCR, IF: 1.245. Q2 (57/129)
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Highlighted projects

  • Phone and informatics application for the detection, early diagnosis and intervention on early attention and its integration in the Alborada clinical management system.
    Reference: PIN-0072-2016
    Funding: Consejería de Bienestar Social y Salud de la Junta de Andalucía
  • Tratamientos psicológicos breves basados en la evidencia para trastornos/problemas comunes. Un ensayo clínico aleatorizado en Atención Primaria y Especializada.
    Reference: PSI2014-56368-R
    Funding: MINECO
    Entity where project took place: Universidad de Córdoba

Technology transfer

Some of the members of the research team participate in the creation and management for the Centro de Atención Infantil Temprana de la Universidad de Córdoba (CAIT-UCO) [Centre for early child attention of the University of Cordoba], institution under the Corporación Empresarial [Business Corporation] of the University of Córdoba. This centre has an agreement with the Andalusian Ministry of Health providing 70 vacancies for children with developmental disorders (or at risk for) referred by paediatric services. The centre has a private line of attention, conducts research under the IMIBIC group, and provides formal training and education. (Web: CAIT)

GC20 Genetics and behavioural diseases

Principal Investigator
Manuel Ruíz Rubio

Co-Principal Investigator
Juan Antonio Moriana Elvira

Encarna Alejandre Durán
Francisco José Alós Cívico
Rafael Burgos Marín
Teresa Guijarro Granados
Pilar Marín Borreguero
María Auxiliadora Romero Balsera
Mª Araceli Sánchez Raya
Vicente Sánchez Vázquez
Francisco Mariano García Torres
Manuel Ruiz Rubio
Juan Antonio Moriana
Eliana Moreno
Carolina Pérez-Dueñas
Adoración Antolí Cabrera
Juan Carlos Gámez Granados
José Manuel Soto Hidalgo

Pre-Doctoral Researchers
Ángel Rodríguez Ramos
Mario Gálvez Lara
José Fernando Venceslá Martínez
Fátima Cuadrado Hidalgo
Julia Vacas Ruiz
Francisco Jurado González
Valle Arriaga Díaz

Technical Staff
Álvaro Moyano Santiago
Judith Velasco Rodríguez


Active in  2017


Sánchez Raya, A. Mobile computing application for early detection, diagnosis and intervention in health care and its integration of clinical management system. Funding Agency: Regional Ministry of Health and Social Policy (CISPS). Reference: PIN-0072-2016


Moriana JA. Evidence-based short psychological treatments for common disorders. A randomized trial in the specialized primary care setting. Funding agency: Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO). Reference: PSI2014-56368-R


Main Publications 2017

Moriana JA; Galvez-Lara M; Corpas J. Psychological treatments for mental disorders in adults: A review of the evidence of leading international organizations. CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY REVIEW. 2017.54():-.
IF: 8,897
Q: 1  D: 1

Rodriguez-Ramos A, Gamez-del-Estal MM, Porta-de-la-Riva M, Ceron J, Ruiz-Rubio M. Impaired Dopamine-Dependent Locomotory Behavior of C-elegans Neuroligin Mutants Depends on the Catechol-O-Methyltransferase COMT-4 .BEHAVIOR GENETICS. 2017.47(6):596-608.
IF: 2,385
Q: 1 

Benitez-Burraco A, Barcos-Martinez M, Espejo-Portero I, Jimenez-Romero S. Variable Penetrance of the 15q11.2 BP1-BP2 Microduplication in a Family with Cognitive and Language Impairment. MOLECULAR SYNDROMOLOGY. 2017.8(3):139-147.
IF: n/a

Other Publications 2017

Munoz-Navarro R, Cano-Vindel A, Moriana JA, Medrano LA, Ruiz-Rodriguez P, Aguero-Gento L, Rodriguez-Enriquez M, Piza MR, Ramirez-Manent JI. Screening for generalized anxiety disorder in Spanish primary care centers with the GAD-7. PSYCHIATRY RESEARCH. 2017.256():312-317.
IF: 2,528
Q: 2

Ruiz-Veguilla M, Moreno-Granados J, Salcedo-Marin MD, Barrigon ML, Blanco-Morales MJ, Igunza E, Canabate A, Garcia MD, Guijarro T, Diaz-Atienza F, Ferrin M. Sex-specific cognitive abnormalities in early-onset psychosis. REVISTA BRASILEIRA DE PSIQUIATRIA. 2017.39(1):28-35.
IF: 2,049
Q: 3

Clinical Research

Effectiveness studies for the treatment of aripiprazole in the control of severe alterations in behavior and irritability in children with autistic spectrum disorders.
PI: Dr Burgos Marín, Rafael

Evaluation of the change in emotional expression in patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) with inadequate response to methylphenidate after change in their therapeutic strategy to lisdexamfetamine dimesylate (LDX).
PI: Dr Burgos Marín, Rafael


Dr. Manuel Ruíz Rubio

Principal Investigator

Dr. Juan Antonio Moriana Elvira

Co-Principal Investigator


Encarna Alejandre Durán, Francisco José Alós Cívico, Rafael Burgos Marín, Teresa Guijarro Granados, Pilar Marín Borreguero, María Auxiliadora Romero Balsera, Mª Araceli Sánchez Raya, Vicente Sánchez Vázquez, Francisco Mariano García Torres, Manuel Ruiz Rubio, Juan Antonio Moriana, Eliana Moreno, Carolina Pérez-Dueñas, Adoración Antolí Cabrera, Juan Carlos Gámez Granados, José Manuel Soto Hidalgo, Ángel Rodríguez Ramos, Mario Gálvez Lara, José Fernando Venceslá Martínez, Fátima Cuadrado Hidalgo, Julia Vacas Ruiz, Francisco Jurado González, Valle Arriaga Díaz, Álvaro Moyano Santiago, Judith Velasco Rodríguez