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GA09 Cardiovascular Pathology

Our group is made up of professionals from different levels and specialties (graduates and doctors in medicine, nurses, engineers, biologists and research managers) for the realization of basic biomedical research, clinical research, development of technology and cellular and genetic therapy research, in the field of cardiovascular diseases.

The research activities are formally associated with the clinical and teaching activities of the Clinical Unit of Cardiovascular Surgery of the Reina Sofia University Hospital, which provides clinical support to research projects carried out at IMIBIC.

Our objectives are to carry out and manage high level research projects and clinical trials, funded by national and international agencies, and to collaborate with private companies to conduct pre-commercial clinical trials or projects to develop new biomedical technologies and treatments in the field of cardiovascular diseases.

The approach to cardiovascular pathology research is performed in a holistic way:

  • Basic research
  • Cell therapy
  • Gene therapy and diagnosis
  • Technological development applied to cardiovascular diseases
  • Telemedicine and prevention of cardiovascular disease

As a result of our basic and clinical research activities and teaching, numerous scientific articles in high-impact journals will be published every year, and doctoral theses awarded. Furthermore, we collaborate in patents for new products or utility models, as well as in projects focusing on the initial development of novel biomedical technologies.

Research Lines

We apply cellular therapy fundamentally to the treatment of distal Peripheral Arteriopathy. We differentiate groups in Diabetic Arteriopathy and Non-Diabetic Arteriosclerotic Arteriopathy.

We carry out clinical trials type I and III funded by competitive public and private grants for the development of innovative cell therapy treatments or their characteristics, such as the cellular specimen used, advanced complete cellularity and the route of intra-arterial administration by endovascular procedures.

These studies have been carried out jointly with the Hematology Unit and with the Vascular Radiology Unit.

Our team has the greatest experience in our country of cell therapy applied to periferial vascular disease, being the PI in several multicentric trials of national rank.

Derived from Cell Therapy and in collaboration with the University of Richmond, within this line of research we grow genetically modified viral specimens in cell cultures to be used as therapy in peripheral arterial disease, following the hypothesis that they can be used as a vector to improve the angiogenic capacity of the cells. Pluripotent cells are being used as treatment in the clinical trials carried out by our group.

In partnership with Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela, a genetic profiling of cardiovascular diseases is being developed that will enable diagnosis and a step forward towards personalized medicine and disease prevention.

In this line, the Carelink project for remote transmission of operating data of devices implanted in our clinical unit is framed by a secure encrypted server in order to perform the operation controls of the devices without the need for a physical appointment of the patients. The project using this methodology, of which we already have long experience, is carried out in collaboration with the peripheral hospital centers that refer to us patients for implanting devices.

We also remotely follow-up the patients after discharge from hospital to detect and prevent complications, through two-way communication of information between patients and the health professionals of the unit, thus avoiding numerous unnecessary visits to the emergency.

Furthermore, we continue working on improving the clinical practice by implemeting virtual consultations and remote monitoring of patients.

We carry out basic research projects related to the detection of molecules produced in the phenomena of ischemia and the repercussion of acute coronary disease and with the detection of CMV virus in arteriosclerotic aortic valvular disease in elderly patients. The strategy is to continue the development of basic research projects related to cardiovascular diseases in general.

This line of research includes technology development projects in the form of pre-commercial procurement development, clinical trials and all types of laboratory developments, animal model and application in patients of technological devices The technological development projects are either self-developed or carried out in partnership with biomedical technology companies, engineering companies and public or private institutions related to the development of application technology in the field of biomedicine or bioengineering both nationally and internationally.

Examples of such projects are the Broca project which has already completed the development of a mechanical surgical assistant; the European level H2020 funded STARS project for the development of technology applicable to the prevention and development of surgical stress; the ASD2 Study for the technological evolution of extra defibrillation systems cardiac; the study of thermographic maps development in cardiac surgery; and the development of circulatory assistance systems and total implantable heart. All of these projects are carried out in collaboration with public and private institutions of the technological sector.

Our group has generated, over the last ten years, highly innovative results in the field of health management. We have analyzed parameters of patient management directly related to quality and efficiency, over more than 100.000 clinical episodes of hospitalization and day hospital, and performed detailed analysis of patient safety parameters and of process management.

We continue with the analysis of the health management data, allowing us to visualize the evolution, permitting innovation, as well as continuous monitoring of the clinical management of our unit.

Our team has already demonstrated that quality and efficiency are directly related with parameters in the improvement of clinical care of the public health systems.

In this area we carry out projects that are directly related with the clinical activity of the CVS unit, including studies of heart failure, aortic stenosis, Mitral Insufficiency, Coronary Disease, Blood Recovery and Diabetes Mellitus related illnesses.

A new generation of cardiovascular related devices are being tested by or our research unit in partnership with SAEX (Experimental Animal Service), Clinical Veterinary Hospital from the University of Cordoba and modern and cutting-edge surgery rooms in IMIBIC. Maximizing the quality of life of experimental animals and respect for their lives is indispensable and mandatory. In silico testing is always preferred if available and the Technological innovation Unit from IMIBIC provides us with flow control test systems for the physical simulation of the cardiovascular system.

Left ventricular assist devices, total artificial hearts, ECMO (blood oxygenation systems), defibrillators, pacemakers and all kinds of biomedical technological devices can be tested. Once approved by the competent certification authorities in Europe, the path to human clinical trials is direct through collaboration with the Reina Sofia Hospital in Cordoba.

Our close collaboration with the superior polytechnic school of the University of Cordoba allows our team can to develop by itself all kind of technology and biomedical devices from the beginning of the lab development to the end of clinical trials to apply that technology to the human model in all the preclinical and clinical steps.



  • Cardiovascular
  • cardiac surgery

Additional Information

STARS - Empowering Patients by Professional Stress Avoidance and Recovery Services, a H2020 funded project to design and develop a resilient support tool, to be applied in the field of patients, planned for surgery, with the aim of reducing stress and anxiety as well as improving the health condition of the patient during the complete care path (2017-2021)

GA09 Cardiovascular Pathology

Principal Investigator
Ignacio Muñoz Carvajal

Jaime Casares Mediavilla
Javier Moya González
Antonio Chacón Quevedo
M.ª Valle Blázquez Ruiz
Agustina Jiménez Castilla
Áurea Jurado Morata
Agustín Elías Fuentes
Daniela Hervas Sotomayor
Isabel Pernía Oreña
Laura Inga Tavara 
Rosario Carmona Flores

Post-Doctoral Researchers
Pedro J. Alados Arboledas
Federico Zurita Martínez
Carlos Manuel Merino Cejas

Pre-Doctoral Researchers
Mª Teresa Conejero Jurado
José Joaquín Domínguez del Castillo
Alejandro Ferández Gonzalez-Caldevilla
Lucia Bilbao Carrasco
Elena Cifuentes Enriquez de Salamanca

Research Unit Coordinator
Lucio Sartor
Juan José Ferres Serrano

Nursing, Technical, and Administrative Staff
Rosalía López Romero
Raquel Riballo Cortés
Miguel Ángel Narváez de Vera
Javier Caliz Fuentes
Cristina Abril Ramirez


Active in 2019


Muñoz Carvajal, I. STARS - Empowering Patients by Professional Stress Avoidance and Recovery Services. Funding agency: European Commission H2020.



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Clinical Research

Active in 2019

European multi-centre registry to assess outcomes in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery: treatment of vascular conduits with DuraGraft®, a novel endothelial damage inhibitor.
PI: Dr Muñoz Carvajal, I. 

Registro universal de implantación de prótesis valvular aórtica de Sorin. SURE AVR.
PI: Dr. Hervás Sotomayor, D.

Estudio fundamental EV ICD (desfibrilador automático implantable extravascular, por sus siglas en inglés).
PI: Dr. Muñoz Carvajal, I.

Estudio de fase 3, aleatorizado, doble ciego y controlado con placebo, para evaluar la eficacia y la seguridad de qpi-1002 en la prevención de acontecimientos adversos renales graves (make) en pacientes con alto riesgo de lesión renal aguda (aki) después . 
PI: Dr. Muñoz Carvajal, I.


Ignacio Muñoz Carvajal

Principal Investigator