Knowledge transfer translational research

The primary goal of the Management and Innovation Unit is to have a positive impact on society and obtain economic returns from public and private investments on R&D&I.

Specifically, the positive impact of research on society in the field of healthcare results in an enhancement of the quality of life and health status of the general population, thanks to the improvements achieved in healthcare quality, the implementation of new medical practices and the appearance of new drugs, diagnostic methods and medical devices.

Technology transfer is achieved at IMIBIC through the cooperation between the Transfer Office of Research Results of the University of Cordoba (OTRI-UCO), the Management and Innovation Unit, and the Technology Transfer Office of the Andalusian Healthcare System (OTT-SSPA.) The three institutions mentioned above collaborate closely for the registration and appropriate exploitation of the technologies and knowledge generated in the province of Cordoba.

The work done by the Management and Innovation Unit relies on the the usefulness -in healthcare terms- of the knowledge generated at the IMIBIC, which must have a positive impact on society. Finally, the transfer of results is expected to generate an economic return that makes the system sustainable and efficient in scientific terms, according to the IMIBIC Scientific Project and Strategic Plan.

A proof for the translational effort made at the IMIBIC are the more than 60 papers translating the knowledge generated into clinical practice in the form of guidelines, agreements and medical protocols established during the 2009-2011 period.

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Protection of Results

The Management and Innovation Unit coordinates with OTRI-UCO and OTT-SSPA to provide integral advice on the protection and translation of research results.

Thus, this Unit has a specific department that prepares, files and tracks domestic and international patent applications.