Research Groups

Applied Psychology

Scientific Production and Human Team

Emerging Researcher

Dra. Bárbara Luque Salas

Applied Psychology

Scientific Activity

Our research group investigates the influence of psychosocial variables (age, sex, socioeconomic status, educational level, perceived social support) and motivational processes (cognitive, affective and personality variables) on dietary adherence, life satisfaction and quality of life of patients with cardiovascular disease. We analyze the behavior of patients with cardiovascular disease from a cognitive approach to develop social intervention programs based on health promotion.

More specifically, we intend to validate a structural equation model that allows us to determine the weight and interaction of psychosocial and motivational variables in adherence to diet, quality of life and well-being of patients with cardiovascular disease. Subsequently, we intend to test the effectiveness of an intervention program based on self-monitoring assessment processes of patients with cardiovascular disease. We present a management training program for the regulation of emotions to cope with stressful events. The intervention program will provide to patients the keys to self-regulation of emotions through e-HEALTH platforms. Finally, we propose to evaluate the relationship and impact of psychosocial and motivational variables with other biomedical variables analyzed from other IMIBIC research teams.

This is a first collaboration project; however our research team seeks greater openness and collaboration with different IMIBIC teams and research areas.


Motivation, self-efficacy, positivity, emotions, diet, cardiovascular disease, cope with stress, emotional self-regulation, management training programs, e-health