Research Groups

Study of Growth. Endocrinology and Child Nutrition

Scientific Production and Human Team

Associated Researcher

Dr. Ramón Cañete Estrada

Study of Growth. Endocrinology and Child Nutrition

Scientific Activity

Among other lines of research, this group studies obesity in prepubertal children, focusing on children with metabolic syndrome, inflammatory factors, vascular risk biomarkers and adipose tissue gene expression, diet effects on these factors, study of steatohepatitis and physical activity.

Another line of research is centered on aspects related to nutrition in children with extrauterine growth retardation, especially in those that might later develop metabolic syndrome.

This group also carries out comparative cord blood proteomic analyses of healthy term neonates and neonates with IUGR to identify potential differences that might with associated with IUGR and the likelihood of adverse nutritional effects.

This group also investigates growth-hormone producing cells and morphological, structural and production modifications in animals.

Finally, this group are developing one line of research centered on food allergies, and second line based on the possible health impact on workers in solar thermal plants daily exposed to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.


Child obesity, metabolic syndrome in children, diet, endothelium, inflammation, cardiovascular biomarkers, gene expression, proteomics, neonates with intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR), metabolic syndrome in IUGR, basic research on growth producing cells with different external stimuli. Food allergy