Research Groups


Scientific Production and Human Team

Associated Researcher

Dr. Bernabé Jurado Gámez


Scientific Activity

Our line of research is focused on three key points, the effect of hypoxemia on metabolism and lung cancer, early diagnosis of lung cancer and the effect of new drugs and respiratory therapies basing on new technologies (TICs). Objectives:

  1. The effect of hypoxemia, chronic or intermittent on metabolism and vascular impact.
  2. Search for markers basing on new technologies (metabolomics, proteomics, epigenetics) for early diagnosis of lung cancer.
  3. Application of metabolomics in the development of new drugs in chronic respiratory diseases (EPOC, asthma, HPP, FQ).
  4. Application of TICs in the diagnosis and control of respiratory disease.

In addition, our research team collaborates in the investigation on the effect of intermittent hypoxemia with the research group of Dr. José López Miranda (Internal Medicine) in patients with vascular risk factors to determine the impact of hypoxemia on the effect of Mediterranean diet and vascular risk.

With the research group of Dr. Teresa Roldán Arjona (epigenetics), Dr.Antonio Rodríguez Ariza (oncology, Coordinator of the Oncover group) and Dr. Mª Dolores Luque de Castro (metabolomics and proteomics) in the identification and quantification of compounds useful in the diagnosis of lung cancer in exhaled breath condensate. In this line, this group also collaborates with the research group of Dr M. Dolores Luque de Castro in the performance of metabolomic studies for the identification of clinical phenotypes in exhaled breath condensate, and in the search for new lung cancer markers in different biological fluids.


Cancer, hypoxemia, cell damage, chronic respiratory disease, epigenetics, metabolomics, proteomics, telecare, telemedicine, respiratory therapies