Research Groups

Comprehesive Nursing Care. Multidisciplinary Perspective

Scientific Production and Human Team

Associated Researcher

Dra. Mª Aurora Rodríguez Borrego

PAIDI CTS-666 scientific group

Comprehesive Nursing Care. Multidisciplinary Perspective

Scientific Activity

The scientific activity of this research group is based on four basic principles that allow flexibility in the composition of and topics addressed by this group. The four basic principles are:

  1. To promote research activity among nursing professionals to foster evidence-based nursing care practice. This Group is a vehicle for nursing professionals interested in research.
  2. To promote the professional development of nursing professionals by generating knowledge that serves as a gui- deline for nursing care practice.
  3. To make a commitment to provide scientific training for future nursing professionals
  4. To adopt a comprehensive and integral approach to how the human being experiences health and disease.


Integral nursing care, nursing care philosophy, professional development of nursing professionals, assessment of training methods in Higher Education, nursing service management, evidence-based nursing care, health and disease, disease experience, health communication, integral human being, female nurses, healthcare in old age, aging-life quality, fragility