Research Groups

Child Metabolism

Scientific Production and Human Team

Principal Investigator

Dra. Mercedes Gil Campos

Research Network on Maternal and Child Health (RedSAMID)

PAIDI CTS-639 scientific group

Child Metabolism

Scientific Activity

Our group has initiated work in various sub-areas within Pediatrics to form a research group. Previously with other groups, and now with the group we have created, the research is based on understanding the role of metabolism in various pediatric diseases. Basically, this group works on nutritional aspects, as well as in the study of hormonal factors, inflammation and oxidative stress. In recent years we have focused on the study of childhood obesity and the metabolic syndrome currently associated with other pediatric illnesses too, such as prematurity or intra and extra-uterine growth retardation. In addition, the group also carries out research into the genetics of obesity.

In future research, we expect to address neuropediatrics, and particular, the inborn errors of metabolism.


Obesity, metabolic syndrome, arteriosclerosis, inflammation, oxidative stress, gene expression, proteomics, nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics