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Oxidative Stress and Nutrition

Scientific Production and Human Team

Emerging Researcher

Dr. Isaac Túnez Fiñana

PAIDI CTS-624 scientific group

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Oxidative Stress and Nutrition

Scientific Activity

Our group studies the effect of different antioxidant agents, as well as transcraneal magnetic stimulation on neuro- plasticity (neurogenesis and synaptogenesis), cell death, oxidative stress and behavioural phenotype in models of neurodegeneration induced by neurotoxins and neuropsychiatric models induced by olfactory bulbectomy. Through these models, we analyze the role played by reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in the abovementioned phenomena, as well as the possibility of using the properties of the different agents used as new therapeutic strategies.

Recently, the scope of the study has covered the analysis of transcription factors and vitagenes involved in the antioxidant response.

Additionally, the group is currently studying the role of nitrate and oxidative status, as well as and inflammation in vitagene activation in patients with different neurodegenerative diseases. Finally, the group is involved in intense horizontal research in partnership with other groups in the assessment, analysis and interpretation of oxidative status in different study models and processes.


Oxidative stress, inflammation, mitochondria, cell death, neuroplasticity, antioxidant systems, vitagenes, Nrf2