Research Groups


Scientific Production and Human Team

Principal Investigator

Dra. Teresa Roldán Arjona


Scientific Activity

Our scientific activity is focused on the study of the mechanisms involved in maintaining genome and epigenome stability. Our group has found genetic and biochemical evidence for the existence of a mechanism for active demethylation of DNA in plants. We have identified a family of proteins, whose prototype is ROS1 and DME, which exhibit mecitosina 5-DNA glycosylase activity, and initiate the deletion of 5-mec by a mechanism analogous to the Base Excision Repair (BER). Using genetic and molecular approaches, we have characterized in detail the biochemical activity of this new family of enzymes. In addition we have identified other proteins involved in this mechanism of epigenetic reprogramming. We are currently investigating the relevance of the base repair system in the maintenance and control of genetic and epigenetic information. In addition, we intend to analyze the relationship between this new route for demethylation of DNA and different modifications in the structure of chromatin. Finally, we are exploring the feasibility of using ROS1 and DME to initiate a controlled demethylation of DNA in human cells.


Genetics, Epigenetics, Mutagenesis, DNA repair, DNA methylation, gene regulation