Research Groups

Metabolomics Identification/quantification of Bioactive Components

Scientific Production and Human Team

Principal Investigator

Dr. Feliciano Priego Capote

Metabolomics Identification/quantification of Bioactive Components

Scientific Activity

This group deals mainly with the development of analytical methods in which the preparation stage of the sample, as required, is fully or partially automated with the help of dynamic systems and is accelerated by auxiliary energies such as microwaves, ultrasound or pressure + temperature (overheated liquids). In the analysis stage, the very latest equipment is used (GC-MS/MS, Quad-triple HPLC, HPLC-Q-TOF) to achieve maximum sensitivity, selectivity and precision. The group carries out research in the area of metabolomics and to a lesser extent, in proteomics. In the former, most of its contributions have been aimed at lipidomics, nutrimetabolomics and the search for biomarkers of bone metabolism. One research line linked to this is the utilization of agricultural residues and feeding industries to obtain high value- added products for the production of nutraceuticals, food supplements and natural dyes.

Another area of interest for the group is the study of the degradation pathways of toxic compounds using auxiliary energy.


Metabolomics, proteomics, metabolites, biomarkers, analytical platforms, nutraceuticals, food supplements, preparation of samples, degradation assisted by auxiliary energy