Research Groups

Applications of Artificial Vision

Scientific Production and Human Team

Principal Investigator

Dr. Rafael Medina Carnicer

PAIDI TIC-161 scientific group

Applications of Artificial Vision

Scientific Activity

The main line of research of this group is focused on fundamental problems in artificial vision, which supports all the technology developed in the lines applied.

The activity of this group is centred on some basic topics and results in the publication of papers in impact reviews. The topics are as follows: Unsupervised segmentation of scenes, Tracking, unsupervised recognition of objects in a scene, Volumetric Reconstruction.

This group develops practical lines of research related to 2D and 3D Vision Systems Design for specific applications in biomedical or industrial environments. The latest activities of the Group were centred on unsupervised evaluation of human mobility, automatic calculation of the geometry of irregular objects for an optimal waste storage, fall risk prediction in the elderly and the development of automated X-ray analysis systems supporting the diagnosis of any type disease.


Unsupervised Segmentation, Edge detection, Histogram Thresholding, Hystéresis, Tracking, Points Dominant. 3D-Vision.