Research Groups

Hormonal Regulation of Energy Balance, Puberty and Reproduction

Scientific Production and Human Team

Principal Investigator

Dr. Manuel Tena Sempere

IMIBIC’S Deputy Scientific Director.

CIBER on Obesity and Nutrition (CIBERobn)

PAIDI BIO-310 scientific group

Hormonal Regulation of Energy Balance, Puberty and Reproduction

Scientific Activity

Our research group studies the neuroendocrine mechanisms responsible for the integrated control of food intake, body weight, puberty and reproductive function. By using various analytical methods and animal models, in recent years our group has identified new neuropeptides and hormones involved in the joint regulation of metabolic status and reproduction. Thus, we have made substantial contributions to the characterization of the physiological role, mechanisms of action, and pathophysiological and therapeutic implications of kisspeptins in the control of puberty, ovulation and the secretion of gonadotropins. In addition, we have characterized the actions of different gastrointestinal hormones (ghrelin, PYY) and adipose tissue (leptin, resistin, adiponectin), as well as the control of food intake and reproductive function. Additionally, we have defined the role in the reproductive axis of the different neuropeptides (GALP, neurome- dins, 26/43RFa, VGF) primarily involved in the control of food intake. Even when our research activity is basic in nature, this has allowed us to identify mechanisms of action and pharmacological effects of practical interest for a broad group of neuroendocrine factors with the potential translational results in the context of increasingly prevalent diseases such as obesity and other body weight disorders, changes of puberty and various forms of infertility


Body weight, obesity, puberty, fertility, kisspeptins, GPR54, gonadotropins, GnRH, leptin, ghrelin, adipokines, neuropeptides