Research Groups

Nephrology. Cell Damage in Chronic Inflammation

Scientific Production and Human Team

Principal Investigator

Dr. Pedro Aljama García

Renal Research Network (REINREN).

PAIDI CTS-260 scientific group

Nephrology. Cell Damage in Chronic Inflammation

Scientific Activity

1.-The latest technological advances in the treatment of chronic kidney disease have helped minimize the inflammation associated with the disease and improve our patients’ survival rates and quality of life. However, in these patients a microinflammatory state persists accompanied by a high percentage of activated cells that are capable of producing a sustained inflammatory response and can produce pathological complications when combined with other low-intensi- ty stimuli. Our team assesses the effectiveness of pharmacological therapies, hemodialysis and kidney transplantation in improving this chronic microinflammatory state associated with kidney disease.

2.-Mechanisms of cell damage and repair conditioning the response to stress caused by chronic inflammation. The working model focuses on immunocompetent cells and vascular wall cells. In addition, we analyze the mechanisms regulating the stress response in circulating progenitor cells in peripheral blood.


Cell activation, chronic renal failure, microinflammation, cell therapy, renal transplantation. Inflammation, cellular stress, genomic damage, endothelium.