Research Groups

Inflammation and Cancer

Scientific Production and Human Team

Principal Investigator

Dr. Eduardo Muñoz Blanco

AIDS Research Network (RIS).

PAIDI BIO-304 scientific group

Inflammation and Cancer

Scientific Activity

The Group’s main areas of research over recent years are the identification of the molecular signaling pathways that regulate inflammation processes and tumorigenesis, and the latency of HIV-1. The identification of the molecular targets that regulate these processes helps us identify new natural compounds and derivatives (drugs and nutraceuticals) inhibiting the activity of these targets. Our research studies have allowed us to establish sophisticated models of biological activity screening in molecules with therapeutic potential and collaborate with many leading international research groups in the field of pharmaceutical Chemistry. We recently established a new research area focused on the study of the inflammatory processes that occur in skin ulcers, to develop new formulations based on biopharmaceuticals and natural products favouring tissue regeneration.


Inflammation, cancer, tissue regeneration, HIV-1 latency, Pharmacology and Nutraceuticals.