Research Groups

Infectious Diseases

Scientific Production and Human Team

Principal Investigator

Dr. Julián de la Torre Cisneros

Spanish Network for Research in Infectious Pathology (REIPI)

PAIDI CTS-647 scientific group

Infectious Diseases

Scientific Activity

Our group studies infectious diseases from two approaches:

  • Clinical-epidemiological studies (which include clinical trials). In these studies, our objective is to differentiate risk factors, clinical features and efficacy/safety of new treatments, thus aiming to improve the prognosis of infectious diseases.
  • Studies on pathogenesis from which specific clinical strategies are planned. The most relevant are our studies on immunopathology (in collaboration with the Immunology group) and mitochondrial toxicity (in collaboration with the Clinical Analysis Service).

All our studies start with the identification of a clinical problem that we try to solve using an experimental approach. Our aim is our scientific findings to have an impact on healthcare solutions and improve disease prognosis (translational research).

In particular, our lines of research are as follows:

  • Immunopathology, pathogenesis and treatment of HIV infection.
  • Pathogenesis and treatment of HIV / HCV co-infection.
  • Clinical and epidemiological characterization of infection in transplant patients
  • Immunopathology of cytomegalovirus infection.


HIV, CMV, HCV, Immunopathology, Transplant, Antiretroviral therapy. Mitochondrial toxicity