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Ucimnova 2.0. Computer application

Ucimnova 2.0. Computer application

Creators: Nurses Juan Moral, Antonio Marin and Francisco Romeros with the collaboration of the Intensive Care Clinical Management Unit, Reina Sofia University Hospital

What is it and how did it start?

Medication errors are a significant public health problem because of their human, welfare and economic consequences. In order to consolidate the patient safety strategy in our unit, we came up with the idea of incorporating into our daily practice a tool aimed at reducing medication errors. This led to the creation of the Ucimnova 2.0 software, developed by healthcare professionals for healthcare personnel, which was patented in 2013.

It is based on Access and Visual Basic and is able to manage the daily work in a Clinical Management Unit ICU (treatment, evolution of patients, requests for RX, questionnaires, calculations, scores, nursing assessments, UPP, medical care, Bacteremia and Pneumonia Zero controls, protocols, etc.). Ucimnova 2.0 provides a source of data for studies and research.

What benefits does it have over the existing system?

With Ucimnova 2.0, we are able to reduce or eliminate the possibility of transcription errors. Similarly, daily treatment is digitally recorded in the patient’s medical history. Obviously, the application makes the health care team’s work easier and guarantees that prescriptions are issued using active ingredients, which is a strategic objective of the Andalusian Public Health System.

How do the doctor and patient benefit?

It gives the doctor added security and confidence. The time taken over administration is also shorter. All these advantages certainly make for better health care for the patient.

What are the future challenges?

We are continuing to develop and incorporate new features, as these needs arise in our daily work. In the future, we would like to change to a more robust programming language which can enhance the application further.

How would you value the support given by the IMIBIC team?

The IMIBIC Innovation team fully supported us from the beginning. They familiarized themselves thoroughly with the software and helped us with all the necessary paperwork to register it as intellectual property. Similarly, they facilitated contacts with companies who might be interested, in order to find a commercial outlet.