One of our goals is to rapidly exploit the results obtained from research performed at the IMIBIC in the benefit of patients. An example of this are the new therapies, changes to protocols and new products designed from the results of research studies performed at IMIBIC.

Below are some of the progress made by the IMIBIC's researchers:


  • A set of substances have been identified allowing the design of individualized therapies, the prevention of toxicity and the prediction of outcomes for advanced colorectal carcinomapatients.
  • Implementation of a new protocol for breast cancer involving different specialists and resulting in a marked improvement in patients, as compared to the traditional therapy.
  • New protocol for liver cancer allowing the intravenous administration of medication into the involved organ.

Organ Transplantation

  • A new computer software allowing to identify the best donor-recipient combination based on seriousness criteria, which has allowed to reduce mortality and has been adopted by several autonomous communities in Spain.
  • Introduction of improvements in care protocols for liver transplant recipients to enhance their prognosis.
  • Development of a new international protocol which improves the diagnosis and treatment of viral infections in transplant recipients.

New Healthcare Products

  • Lipochip, the first genetic test for detecting Family Hypercholesterolemia, currently marketed by Gendiag.
  • Development of new drugs derived from Cannavis Sativa, without any psychotropic effects, for the treatment of inflammatory diseases.
  • New drug compound based on substances from olive trees for the treatment of skin lessions.

Technical and Surgical Improvements

  • Introduction of a new non-invasive diagnostic procedure for determining the extent of liver fibrosis.
  • Introduction of a new antihaemorrhagic system in liver surgery, which use has been approved by the Foods and Drugs Administratition (FDA).
  • Development of a new surgical approach allowing laparoscopic surgery through a single incision.

Other Improvements

  • Improvement in the diagnosis and evolution of patients with HIV and Hepatitis C infection
  • Development of a new motion capture and analysis system based on an artificial view to evaluate treatment response and assess the evolution of rheumatology patients after mobility therapy.
  • Recognition by the Foods and Drugs Administration of the USA on the beneficial effects of daily intake of olive oil on cardiovascular disease. This decision was based on 12 intervention studies, of which two were performed by IMIBIC researchers.