Organization Chart

In this organization chart you can see IMIBIC's organizational and management structure:

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Colegiate Bodies

The collegiate bodies composing IMIBIC are the Governing Board, the Scientific Board and the External Scientific Board. Each body has its competencies and is composed of several specialists.

Governing Council

The Governing Council is the uppermost governing body of IMIBIC. Its duties include:

  • To establish the rules governing research activities at IMIBIC and authorize such activities.
  • To approve the IMIBIC’s annual scientific report.
  • To appoint and relieving relieve the Scientific Director and the General Manager. The General Manager shall be proposed by the Scientific Director.
  • To undercome any action to support the accomplishment of IMIBIC’s goals.
  • To approve the aggregate annual income and expenditure budget for each research group, and supervise adherence to it.
  • To define IMIBIC's strategic research policies and plans.
  • To appoint the members of the External Scientific Advisory Board to facilitate the development and evaluation of scientific activities at IMIBIC.
  • To oversee the equitable distribution of expenses among the institutions involved in IMIBIC's activity.
  • To approve IMIBIC's five-year Scientific Program and the resulting Annual Action Plan.
  • To approve the internal regulations governing the relationships and organization of professionals involved in IMIBIC's activity.

Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is an advisory body to the the Scientific Director and the Governing Council. Its decisions are not binding. Its responsibilities shall be:

  • To  be informed about new proposals of scientific programmes prior to their submission to the Governing Council. Reporting the Governing Council on proposals for the creation of new scientific areas by the Scientific Director.
  • To promote the development of new projects within the lines and areas of research approved by the Governing Council.
  • To review the annual budget and Economic Report
  • To contribute to the preparation of the Research Quality and Ethics Guidelines before the Scientific Director’s ­submital to the Governing Council.
  • To report on the incorporation of new researchers and the setting up of new research groups before proposals are submitted to the Governing Council.
  • To be informed about the internal boards to be set up at IMIBIC.
  • To recommend changes to be made to the Internal Operating Regulations.
  • To contribute to the preparation of IMIBIC's Annual Scientific Report and Management Report.
  • To inform on proposals for the setting up of new cooperation agreements with other institutions that will facilitate the accomplishment of goals.
  • To contribute to the preparation of IMIBIC's Training Plan and understand training policies.
  • To contribute to the accomplishment of the objectives of the Convention.

External Scientific Advisory Board

The External Scientific Advisory Board is a body appointed by the Governing Council, whose mission is to assist the Scientific Director in the performance of his duties. It is an advisory body to the Scientific Direction but its decisions are not legally binding. It was established on July 9, 2009 under the name of External Scientific Advisory Board, and it was ratified by the Governing Council on December 21, 2009.