Training Activities

IMIBIC considers scientific training a basic and essential instrument for the achievement of its scientific objectives. Accordingly, it has launched a plan aimed at promoting knowledge transfer and enhancing the current lines of research. The training activities consist of Master's and PhD programs, courses and seminars. Training coordinator Rosario López Pedrera, PhD.

Training Program

PhD Program

IMIBIC leads a unique PhD Program in Biomedical Research aimed at improving the qualifications of the human resources that promote teaching and research, and providing professional qualification in the field of biomedical science.

Master Degrees

IMIBIC offers three Master’s Degrees, in translational biomedical research, health research methodology and nutrition and metabolism. These master’s degrees all lead to the PhD Program in Biomedicine.

Courses and Seminars

IMIBIC offers in-house training programs in research methods in health sciences or specific areas related to biomedical sciences.