Next Monday 16th December, IMIBIC organized the Maimonides’ Commemorative Lecture, its annual gala and research awards ceremony.  It is a tribute to the 12th century’s renowned doctor and philosopher in the anniversary of his decease.

With this initiative, IMIBIC showcases the biomedical research activities of the Institute. This edition, PhD Lina Badimón will give the lecture, which consists of a master class focused on a specific topic. Before the closing, the awarded researchers will receive their prizes.

  • Venue: Assembly Hall. Hospital Universitario Reina Sofía
  • Date/Time: 16th December. 11 am.
  • Speakers: PhD José Álvarez Kindelán y PhD Lina Badimón

IMIBIC conducted seminar to prepare for Horizon 2020


Last Tuesday, IMIBIC conducted a seminar for researchers. Members from the Institute met up to listen, learn and discuss on the new framework programme Horizon 2020 and its opportunities regarding R+D+i.

The seminar focused on gaining an understanding of Horizon 2020 key objectives, including ‘Excellent Science’ (ERC, Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions) ‘Industrial Leadership’ and ‘Societal Challenges’. Throughout the seminar, participants were able to analyze new funding opportunities of R+D in the Healthcare Sector, also including Societal Challenges: Health, demographic change and wellbeing, new calls for proposals in 2014 and 2015, biomedical research and innovation in others programmes of Horizon 2020 as well as European funding opportunities far beyond H2020 such as COST and ERASMUS+ programmes.

If you want more information and help regarding EU funding opportunities, please contact José Carlos Prieto, Project Manager for International Public Funded Projects,


Transcranial magnetic stimulation offers new ways to treat neuropsychiatric diseases


More than 100 hundred specialists on neurosciences attended the opening of the second edition of the course on the technique of transcranial magnetical stimulation (TMS) given by the University of Córdoba and IMIBIC. The course was organized by Isaac Túnez, professor at the University of Córdoba.

Phd MD Álvaro Pascual-Leone, professor at Harvard Medical School, was in charge of the inaugural lesson held at the Salón Mudéjar (Rector’s office).

Pascual-Leone, also known as one of the scientific fathers of TMS, gave a speech on the history and evolution of this technique. He highlighted the efficiency of the technique in the treatment of major depressive disorders and in neurorehabilitation of cerebrovascular accidents such as stroke. In the same way, he also said that his research group is studying the aplication of this technique in the treatment of Parkinson, Alzheimer and Autism.

According to Pascual-Leone, the latest advances in this field have the purpose of improving the precision of the stimulation using the potential of neuroimaging tools. In the sense given, he emphasized that the combination of TMS and functional magnetic resonance would enable to control the dosis and the accurate place to stimulate. Thus, it would be possible to undertand better the compensatory mechanisms of adaptive plasticity and to develop new therapeutic strategies in neurorrehabilitation.

IMIBIC supports the mourning day for Spanish Science


IMIBIC has supported the mourning day for Spanish Science promoted by the Spanish Confederation of Spanish Scientific Societies with the purpose of condemn the alarming situation of research in Spain. Researchers from different groups of IMIBIC held a five minutes’ silence outside the lab.




Francisco Pérez Jiménez is awarded for his scientific contribution


PHd MD Francisco Pérez Jiménez, IMIBIC ‘s Scientific Director, has been awarded by the “Cofradía del Colesterol” from Avilés, a small city located in Asturias, in Northern Spain.

Every year, this gastronomic association recognizes the labour of well known professionals belonging to different disciplines in favour of healthy habits.

This year, the association has awarded Md. Francisco Pérez Jiménez and the athlete Irene Alfonso García. The jury rewarded PhD Md Francisco Pérez Jiménez based on his scientific contributions in the field of nutrition specially those related to the mediterranean diet.