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The GROUP: "GC-13 - Metabolismo del calcio. Calcificación vascular" 

Look for CANDIDATES to apply to MINECO Program "Sara Borrell" (2016) 

Place: Maimonides Biomedical Research Institute of Cordoba (IMIBIC) 

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Se valorará

- PhD obtained after 1st January 2012. 


- Candidate CV: 50 points (publications on peer-reviewed journals are required) 

- Research Project: 15 points 

- Research Group: 35 points.

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La presente convocatoria se publicará en los tablones de anuncios de FIBICO, así como en las páginas web siguientes: 

- En la del Hospital Universitario Reina Sofía 

- En la del IMIBIC (

Perfil del solicitante

We are looking for a candidate to apply for a Sara Borrell contract. (Resolution of February 28, 2016, of the Institute of Health Carlos III, approving the 2016 call for award subventions within the Strategic Action in Health 2013-2016. The successful candidate will join is focused on different aspects of calcium metabolism and vascular calcification. Our investigation group is focused to the study of vascular calcifications and mineral metabolism alterations during chronic kidney disease. In this issue, we have different investigations lines such as: 

- Phosphorous, phosphate binders and chronic kidney disease progression. 

- In vitro mechanisms of vascular calcification and renal injury. 

- Mesenchymal stem cells and renal disease. 

- Role of FGF23 and FGF23 receptors on kidney, bone and vascular wall. 

- Causes of renal osteodistrofia. We work with experimental animal models and in vitro cell lines or primary cultures applying biochemical and molecular biology techniques.


Solicitud, lugar y plazo de presentación

Send CV to: 

Plazo presentación hasta el 15 de abril.


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