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The GROUP: GA-07 "Urología y Medicina Sexual" Look for CANDIDATES to apply to MINECO Program "Miguel Servet" (2016)

Place: Maimonides Biomedical Research Institute of Cordoba (IMIBIC) 

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Se valorará

- PhD obtained between 1st January 2001 and 31st December 2011.. 


- Candidate CV: 60 points (publications on peer-reviewed journals are required)

 - Research Project: 40 points

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La presente convocatoria se publicará en los tablones de anuncios de FIBICO, así como en las páginas web siguientes: 

- En la del Hospital Universitario Reina Sofía 

- En la del IMIBIC (

Perfil del solicitante

The group is interested in the development of reliable clinical biomarkers to help to predict which patients will respond to targeted therapies in cancer. One line of research is the identification of a molecular profile and the expression of genes frequently altered in bladder cancer involved in the regulation of the cell cycle, angiogenesis, apoptosis and cell-signaling as well as the study of the expression of several proteins involved in the PI3K signaling pathway and its implication in diagnosis and prognosis. The research group have a broad background in neoplastic pathologies in the genitourinary system, which has led to a better understanding of the pathology at a morphologic, molecular and immunohistochemistry level. Another research line is the functional role of the HOS system in prostate cancer patient?s ant the study of the somatostatin and its receptors and their relation to prostate cancer in preclinical and clinical models.


Solicitud, lugar y plazo de presentación

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Plazo presentación hasta el 12 de abril.


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